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Happy ol' McWeasel - Still in the League

Em                          G
... Whenever  you  walk  alone my friend
Em                          G
... In this lonely god-forgotten land
C              G
Well you shouldn't care,
C              G
'Cause after          all...

Dry your eyes and wipe away your tears,
This time we let them know how winning feels,
So you shouldn't care,
'Cause after all...

The seasons change, the rain will wash your pain,
Our flags will proudly fly once again,
So you shouldn't care,
'Cause after all...

D                             Em              C
... Sing along and dance and keep your mind clear
G               D
Keep walking   with  me
C               G
We're still   in  the  league


Whenever you might feel alone my friend,
Remember moments of our lives, we had,
And we shouldn't care,
'Cause after all...

Sing along and dance and keep your mind clear,
Keep walking with me,
We're still in the league.

transkribcija: NoMAD / 2013

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